I'm a designer recently returned to Canada after spending the past decade in London, UK. When I'm not designing or taking photos, I'm probably sketching or drawing letters, monkeys, and the odd comic.

My work has appeared in the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt DesignApplied Arts and Communication Arts. I think that's pretty neat.

In the UK, I was the Head of Design for the Ministry of Justice, where I led a team of service, interaction, and user experience designers to deliver transformative, user-centred government services. I'm delighted to have returned to Canada and become the first Chief of Design with the Canadian Digital Service. As with most types of design, it meant spending a lot of time thinking about users and trying to make everything simpler, easier and more enjoyable to use.


  • CanUX (2017)
  • Government Service Design (2017)
  • Design in Government (2016)
  • Design+Banter (2014)
  • Expedia Summer Symposium (2013)


Selected clients

  • 3 Mobile
  • The Environmental Agency
  • Royal Mail
  • Unicef
  • Nike
  • American Express
  • Diesel
  • Wunderman
  • Toronto International Film Festival

Side Projects

  • The Snail Ranch – the secret life of snails, a collaboration with comedian Mike Wood
  • Returned Mail – hastily done lettering on misaddressed post with snarky art school critiques
  • Noir Stories – like film noir, whisky, and hard-boiled anti-heroes? Then you'll probably enjoy this infrequently updated Twitter account. 
  • Daily Dose of Zim – a newsletter featuring a daily animated GIF from the cult TV show Invader Zim

Get in touch.

Twitter: @cgovias

Drop me a line directly at chris.govias@gmail.com or use this handy-dandy contact form.

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