Photo courtesy of Ministry of Justice Communications

Photo courtesy of Ministry of Justice Communications


Hello Ontario!

I'm Chris Govias, a designer who’s passionate about digitally transforming government.

I've had the pleasure of doing precisely that for the past few years in the United Kingdom. First, as a contract designer and then as the Head of Design (UX, Interaction and Service) for the Ministry of Justice.

I've just moved back to Toronto after a decade in the UK and I'm delighted to see that the Ontario government is committed to transforming its services to be world-class, user-friendly, and accessible. I'm excited at the possibility of being part of the team that does this.

I believe the work I've done in the past few years nicely aligns with some of the challenges you're facing. For example, redesigning the Expedia Developer site meant consolidating a huge amount of disparate information into a single home with an intelligent, user-friendly information architecture and design. More recently, my work on the UK Government's Visit someone in prison service was around optimising a live, transactional service for the public.

I can't wait to meet the team and discuss the challenges of government design in person.