Selected design work

Prison Visit Booking service

In addition to my management duties as Head of Design at the Ministry of Justice UK, I also contributed hands-on work to a number of  services. Prison Visit Booking is a digital service that allows people to book visits to see their friends and relatives who are currently serving time in prisons across England and Wales. As adoption of the service increased, there was a need to improve the user experience and interface for the administrative staff.

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Expedia Developer Hub

Design isn't just about a beautiful result; often, it's the hard work of making large amounts of information easier to understand. My work on the Expedia Developers Hub was just that – a comprehensive redesign and overhaul of Expedia's first point of contact for its developer community in the B2B space.

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Spacelog brings NASA transcripts to the web in a searchable, linkable format. Built at a /dev/fort by a team of thirteen, I collaborated with designers Hannah Donovan and Gavin O'Carroll. We were responsible for every aspect of the product from the UX and information architecture to the visual design and layout.

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Reevoo Mark

I led the the transformation of Reevoo's flagship product into a responsive product with a significantly better user experience. The final result is an excellent example of optimising and realigning a product, instead of redesigning it.

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Other work

I've also designed icons, hobby software, iPhone apps, visual identities, branding and packaging –  a selection of which have been published on my blog. 

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