Eva-Lotta’s Sketchnotes

Eva-Lotta Lamm is well known for her sketchnotes, beautifully drawn notes taken on conference talks.

Back in 2013, my friend Steve Marshall asked me to speak at the Expedia Summer Symposium. Steve knows Eva-Lotta from their time together at Yahoo!, so I didn’t think anything of seeing her at the evening. Also, I’d just started at Expedia that week and was singularly focussed on delivering a good talk.

I spoke about how wayfinding is an intrinsic part of the human brain’s spatial awareness (memory palaces!), how this should be applied to signage systems, and how it can benefit the web.

A few weeks later, Eva-Lotta messaged me to tell me that her sketchnotes from my talk were on Flickr. What I didn’t realise until April of this year is that, for the fourth time, she compiled all of her lovely notes into a book.

She sent me a digital copy and it’s a great piece, full of lettering, beautiful sketches and genuinely interesting tidbits.

Go and grab a copy!