DesignX, Toronto

Before leaving the UK, I started looking around for professional associations, groups, and meetups in Canada.

I eventually found DesignX, Toronto's largest UX and Design community, and it's fantastic. They have a brilliant Slack channel that's teeming with activity. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it there – be it tips for Sketch, prototyping tutorials, job postings, advice, or leadership guidance.

Preet Singh, the founder of DesignX, and I connected in October and he asked me to present to the community about service design and government services.

Despite getting stuck in traffic (long enough that I began to worry, Preet texted me, and I debated getting out and running!), I made it to the venue, gave my talk, and had a fantastic time meeting as many members of the community as possible. I couldn't have had a better time. 

Read a Twitter Moment of my DesignX presentation→

View the slides from my talk: